Going down as one of the most memorable moments from The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Mike Tindall has revealed the reason behind young Prince Louis’ cheeky behaviour.

Tindall says the four-year-old prince had “complete sugar highs” during the Jubilee Pageant on Sunday after consuming handfuls of sweets behind the scenes.

In full view of the world’s media, Prince Louis was seen putting his hand across his mum’s mouth, trying to shush her as she attempted to tell him to sit still, making a funny face and blowing a raspberry in her direction.

Kate swiftly put Louis’ hand down, before he did it again with his left hand.

The little prince was excited throughout the parade, running up and down the seats, pulling his cousin’s hair and eventually jumping onto his grandfather Prince Charles’ lap, for a quick break.

Tindall was photographed jokingly warning Louis that he was watching him from the seats above.

Two days earlier Prince Louis stole the show during Trooping the Colour, pulling a series of funny faces as the rest of the royals watched a flypast of aircraft from the palace balcony.

Tindall, also revealed the Queen’s grandchildren and their families enjoyed a private lunch after Trooping, describing it was one of his highlights from the four-day celebrations.

He spoke about the Jubilee and Louis’ mischievous antics on his podcast, The Good, The Bad and The Rugby.

“Louis, he was just wanting to have fun, and my two [daughters] are always mischievous, so it was trying to keep a lid on,” Tindall said.

“There was a lot of sweets out back, though, so they had complete sugar highs. It’s tough for them. They’re all young, so asking them to sit, because it was two ’til five or whatever, it’s a long time.

As any parent knows, you just do whatever needs to be done.”

Tindall was seated directly behind the Cambridges at the Pageant with his wife Zara and their children Mia, eight, Lena, three and Lucas, one.

Prince William and Kate later joked about their youngest child’s actions, writing on social media, “We all had an incredible time, especially Louis”.

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