What is most important to you in a relationship?

It seems who does the dishes or takes out the rubbish in a long-term relationship is more important than how much money your partner earns or what religion they are. According to a recent study by dating website RSVP sex also rates on par with intelligence when it comes to your long-term relationship value, while morals are equally as important as humour.

“It’s not surprising that personality, sense of humour, morals, manners, shared interests, sexual chemistry and intelligence make up the top factors that singles consider when evaluating someone’s long-term potential,” said John Aiken, RSVP’s relationship expert and psychologist.

“It is interesting to see that willingness to share domestic duties is the next most important factor for relationship success, ranking above many others including outlook on kids, career aspirations, religious beliefs, income or ethnic background.” He adds, "Sharing household duties is a clear sign of fairness, equality and respect for your partner. It’s a wonderful, practical way to create a sense of team in your relationship.”

The RSVP Date of the Nation Report 2015*, surveyed more than 3,300 Australians, exploring the factors considered to be most critical when evaluating whether someone has long-term potential.

Percentage of Australian singles that rate the factor as important when identifying a suitable partner:

  • Personality 88%
  • Morals 86%
  • Sense of humour 86%
  • Manners 84%
  • Shared interests 82%
  • Sexual chemistry 77%
  • Intelligence 77%
  • Willingness to share household duties 69%
  • Age 67%
  • Similar outlook on kids 66%
  • Social skills 65%
  • Looks 62%
  • Body Type 53%
  • Career Aspirations 46%
  • Fashion sense 39%
  • Religious beliefs 37%
  • Income 37%
  • Ethnic background 34%

Although more women are concerned about sharing domestic work, the research shows it is important to both sexes. A significant 64% of single men and 74% of single women rate willingness to share household duties as important.

Percentage of single Australians that rate sharing domestic duties as important:

  • 68% of 40 - 49 year olds
  • 71% of 50 - 59 year olds
  • 77% of those aged 60+

The RSVP Date of the Nation Report 2015: Identifying key dating and relationship trends, the results are weighted to the Australian population and explore everything from how Australian singles are meeting new partners, who should pay for dinner, when to take the relationship further and views on marriage and kids. The research was commissioned by RSVP and conducted by Nielsen.  More than 3,300 Australians were surveyed in February 2015.

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