A supermarket worker who proved to be a massive fan of Prince Charles fainted while meeting him for the first time, a video clip shows. 

While both the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were making the rounds at a distribution centre for the supermarket retailer Asda, in Bristol, the royals got to meet a very excited fan.

To give their thanks and show their appreciation for the workers, they chatted with employees but when Prince Charles began talking to one man, he began to sway back and forth before dramatically falling to the ground.

Prince Charles reached out as the man fell, with several people rushing to the employee’s aide.

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In video from the incident, Prince Charles could be heard speaking and saying, “Dear oh dear,” and “Goodness,” as the man received medical attention on the ground.

The employee quickly recovered and later got the chance to finish his conversation with Prince Charles.

This article originally appeared on Over60.