The Attallah Cross, famously worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, has reportedly been purchased at auction by none other than reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Kim, best known for her time on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, purchased the piece for $197,453 USD (approximately $284,654.04 AUD) at the Sotheby’s Royal & Noble sale.

The necklace was seen on Diana at a Gala for Birthright, now known as Wellbeing of Women, in October 1987. Diana paired the piece with a purple velvet Catherine Walker gown. It features 5.25 carats of circular-cut diamonds that accentuate square-cut amethysts in a cross formation.

It was designed by luxury jewellery designer and former crown jeweller Garrard, who made numerous pieces for Diana. Most notably, her iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring, now in the possession of Catherine, Princess of Wales .

Naim Attallah, first owner of the cross, loaned it to her several times throughout their friendship. as friends with Diana and loaned it to her several times. According to reports, the cross hasn’t been seen in public since it was last worn by Diana, who was the only one to ever don it.

New owner Kim Kardashian is no stranger to sporting vintage pieces. Most recently, Kim divided the internet when she wore the crystal-encrusted dress Marilyn Monroe wore to serenade US President John F Kennedy with “Happy Birthday” in 1962.

The internet erupted with outrage when the news of Kim’s jewellery purchase broke, with critics quick to share their opinion.

“Kim Kardashian owning Princess Diana’s cross necklace has put me in a vile mood,” came one gripe.

One individual referenced a popular internet meme featuring Kardashian, in which she was seen crying in the ocean after losing a diamond earring. Doubtful about the necklace’s future, they wrote, “and next week it’s gonna be ‘Kim Kardashian has lost Princess Diana’s iconic diamond cross necklace in the ocean’.”

Some fans took the time to point out that the cross was never actually owned by Diana, with one tweeting, “Princess Diana did not own it. The jewellery company let her borrow it for an event.”

A few seized the opportunity to try and drag Harry and Meghan into the mix, while some tried to make light of the situation amongst the outrage, bringing it full circle with a throwback to the dress saga with, “sorry Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian is now taking style cues from Princess Diana.”

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