Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other Coalition MPs have been slammed by high-profile Australians for disrespecting Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese during his budget reply speech.

Albanese delivered his reply to the budget on Thursday night and outlined a range of ALP policies, including childcare reform.

Almost immediately after Albanese began talking, attention shifted to the behaviour of his rivals as screenshots were shared on social media of politicians ignoring the Labor leader as he spoke.

Morrison, for example, turned away from Albanese and fiddled with his phone as well as closed his eyes during the speech.

Well-known Australian barrister Julian Burnside said that the Prime Minister's behaviour was a “disgrace”.

Journalist Troy Bramston also called out the behaviour, sharing a photo which showed that the “only government MP looking at Albanese is Frydenberg”, while author, presenter and political commentator Jamila Rizvi said “Frydenberg is all eyes and ears on Albo but most of the frontbench (including the PM) are on their phones.”

Ordinary Aussies were quick to point out that it was “just plain rude”.

This article originally appeared on Over60.