A mother has been slammed after revealing that she missed her seven-year-old daughter’s open heart surgery because she didn’t want to take time off from work.

The mum said she felt guilty taking leave despite her boss insisting she take it.

She went on to complain that her young daughter was “belligerent”, saying that she didn’t want to disappoint her clients by skipping her job.

The woman’s confession has been met with severe backlash after she shared her story on Reddit.

“I work as an analyst in a field where clients expect you to have your work done yesterday and the term ‘family first’ is just an empty statement,” the mother wrote.

“My boss and I have been at a client site putting together this very urgent project.

“My daughter suddenly had a very big health scare and needed open-heart surgery.

“My ex-boyfriend has primary custody and I know my daughter wanted me to be there.

“My ex-boyfriend demanded I ask for time off.

“However I think it was unfair for him to ask for that because my boss is also my boyfriend.

“After my boyfriend heard about my daughter he offered to give me as much time off as I wanted which I felt was unfair and he really needed me and wanted me to stay.

“I felt like if I accepted I would be taking advantage of my boyfriend’s generosity and good will.

“In addition, I knew that he needed me on this project.”

The mum went on to make a series of comments about her sick daughter.

“My daughter has had multiple instances of heart problems in the past, and every time she gets treatment she becomes extremely belligerent,” she went on.

“She ends up continuously wetting the bed and crying and screaming all the time.

“I knew if I went I wouldn’t be much help and I wouldn’t be able to do any work because she tries to take everyone’s attention hostage.

“So I ended up missing my daughter’s surgery and now she’s in recovery.”

The mother went on to say she was happy she chose work over family.

“However, I could tell my boss was very grateful he didn’t have to call in another team member and that he appreciated that I was by his side, despite his reassurances that I could take a leave if I wanted to,” she explained.

“It would have been selfish to everybody in the office if I had just stepped out and forced them to step up or else face the client’s ire.”

Reddit users didn’t hold back in their criticism of the “selfish” mum.

“No wonder dad has custody,” said one.

“I don’t care if your kid is puking and needs a ride from school, you go to them. This is a major surgery. A surgery where they have to enter the rib cage in order to get the part they are operating on! And this is a child!”

“Scumbag of the year,” said another.

Said a third: “This woman is a terrible person and should just completely give up custody right now before she causes more trauma to this child.”

Added one more: “She called her seven-year-old belligerent because she wants comfort after open heart surgery. Seriously!”

This article originally appeared on Over60.