Celebrity chef Manu Feildel has opened up about his mother Eveylne’s ongoing breast cancer diagnosis.

The My Kitchen Rules judge, 46, revealed in April that his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“She was incredibly lucky as it was caught early,” Manu told the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday.  

According to the Breast Cancer Trials, which is the charity Manu is hoping to raise awareness of, his mother had not experienced any symptoms when she decided to go to a breast cancer screening after receiving a letter in the mail.

It was the early diagnosis of breast cancer that helped her get to treatment quickly.

“Thankfully, she is recovering well while living with my stepdad in France,” Manu explained.

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He has partnered with Breast Cancer Trials to encourage fans to donate funds towards clinical trial research and has offered an exclusive Mother’s Day cooking masterclass for anybody who donates before May 16th.

“Streaming live from my home I will cook two of my favourite recipes and share some of my hints and tips and answer some of your burning culinary questions,” Manu explained on Instagram in late April.

“The perfect gift for your Mum, your partner or even yourself this Mother’s Day.”

Photo credits: Breast Cancer Trials

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