A judge has slammed Richard Pusey as “probably the most hated man in Australia” after details of him filming four dying police officers were revealed in court.

Pusey filmed Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Senior Constable Kevin King, Constable Glen Humphris and Constable Josh Prestney as they lay with fatal injuries and said “that’s amazing”.

The court heard details of the three-minute recording.

“I guess I’ll be getting a f—ing Uber home,” he said in the audio.

“Lucky I went and had a piss.

“That is f—ing justice.”

Pusey’s lawyers are arguing for a lenient sentence, saying that Pusey is a man deserving of sympathy and mercy as well as arguing that he should be released at his next court appearance.

The court heard that Pusey had a severe mental illness as well as the fact he was bullied as a child over his name.

His lawyers asked for Pusey to be immediately released on a community corrections order as they claim he’s already been punished enough by his portrayal in Australian media.

Judge Trevor Wraight agreed he is “probably the most hated man in Australia”.

Pusey made two recordings that lasted three minutes while zooming in on two officers injuries despite nearby witnesses pleading with him to stop.

The deaths of the police officers represent the single largest loss of life in the history of Victoria Police.

Pusey will be sentenced on April 21.

Photo credits: Nine

This article originally appeared on Over60.