Coles shoppers in Western Australia have been indulged with a new style of self-serve checkout that is a conveyor belt style.

It was rolled out in a flagship store in Western Australia, with an online fan of the machine calling it “beautiful”.

‘This will make the self serve checkouts a better experience, not having to ram/cram groceries into tight spots”, a commenter said on social media.

A spokesman for Coles said that the retailer wants to make it easier for customers to choose how they check out.

“Coles is making it easier for customers to choose how they check out,” a Coles spokesman said.

“While we will always have team members available to help customers on our main lane check-outs, for those who prefer self-checkout we are modifying the machines to make them more convenient to use.”

“This includes lowering the basket shelf so our smaller trolleys can fit right over the top or introducing belted self-check-outs for people using trolleys,” Coles said in a statement.

“Not all self-check-outs will be available in all stores and we are continuing to listen to customer feedback to help us meet their needs.”

Photo credits: PerthNow

This article originally appeared on Over60.