Coles has been criticised over its heavy use of plastic bags for one of its grocery delivery options.

The supermarket giant offers unattended delivery, where customers can have their order left at a specified location even if no one is available to sign for it. 

However, the option does not allow customers to opt out of using plastic bags, with every item being bagged.

“One of the major prerequisites for [unattended delivery] is all goods must be bagged, so rather than trying to move away from plastic bags Coles is actively encouraging its customers to have more of them,” a customer said, as reported by Yahoo News Australia.

“Clearly there is no vision or care for the bigger picture in their pursuit of sales at any cost.”

A Coles spokesperson told the outlet the bagging helps ensure the customers’ safety and security.

“The safety and security of customers who place an unattended delivery order is important to us, and as such their groceries are delivered bagged as we can’t guarantee the customer will be home at the time of delivery,” the spokesperson said.

The criticism follows the backlash over Coles’ use of individual plastic container to package its hot cross bun.

“Remove single use plastic bags and then come up with brilliant ideas like this instead… Really?” a shopper wrote.

This article originally appeared on Over60.