Dr Charlie Teo’s celebrity friends have come to the defence of the well-known neurosurgeon, as he awaits the decision that will determine his fate.

Dr Teo faced an urgent panel of the New South Wales Medical Council on Thursday relating to a series of complaints, including that he performed brain surgery on patients with inoperable conditions.

It is understood that he strongly denied the allegations made against him by other doctors.

Since then, high profile friends have paid tribute to the man, with the likes of Australian model and singer Cheyenne Tozzi and Jasmine Stefanovic defending his actions.

Tozzi regards Dr Teo as a good friend after he performed life saving surgery on her mother Yvonne, who had been diagnosed with multiple brain tumours in 2013.

The singer shared a throwback photo of herself at her mum’s bedside, as well as photos of herself and Yvonne with Dr Teo, alongside her message of support.

“A lot is being said of Dr Charlie Teo,” Tozzi wrote.

“I think he is a wonderful man and incredibly talented doctor and neurosurgeon. He has the mind of a gifted fighter and a heart of gold.

“He also saved my mother’s life, and his wicked sense of humour put her at ease during many scary moments.”

The former Australia’s Next Top Model judge added that she has since been able to call on him to help friends and family, and that he had offered to come with her and operate on schoolchildren for free in Haiti.

“As a family we have hope that he’ll be able to save many other lives and continue bringing joy to families like he did for us, and has done for countless other “hopeless cases”,” she ended the post.

Her post was flooded with supportive messages, including one from Jasmine Stefanovic and Australian director Tahyna Macmanus.

“He’s just the best ❤️❤️❤️,” Karl Stefanovic’s wife wrote.

“He is wonderful ❤️🙌👏,” MacManus added.

Dr Teo appeared before a three-person panel, who questioned him over what he allegedly told dying patients, and whether he performed operations that could not succeed.

The NSW Medical Council said no further details would be released while “any potential regulatory action is being considered”.

A spokesperson for the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission said it could be some time before the matters are laid to rest. “The Commission has completed a number of investigations in relation to Dr Charlie Teo and these matters have been referred to the Commission’s independent Director of Proceedings. A further related investigation is being finalised.”

Image: Cheyenne Tozzi / Instagram

This article originally appeared on Over60.