Stuart MacGill has spoken out, saying he is still shaken and reeling from the alleged kidnapping.

“I’ve thought about it probably 20 hours a day ever since,” he said in an interview with A Current Affair.

“I’ve thought maybe I could have done something different, but then I wouldn’t probably be sitting here talking to you.”

MacGill was allegedly abducted on April 14 and is believed to be the target of alleged drug dealers.

“I found myself in a position I couldn’t do much about,” he said.

“I was in a situation that’s foreign to me and I was physically and mentally intimidated.

“I couldn’t have done anything differently, I don’t think.”

When asked whether he feared for his life during the incident, MacGill said: “I just didn’t really know don’t what was going to happen, that’s all.

“I sort of talk to myself all the … I was just running different scenarios

“I don’t really know whether or not I’m prepared to talk about that sort of thing at the moment, to be honest.”

MacGill spoke out about the incident to assist detectives in their investigations.

Detectives are currently searching for the three men they believe were involved in the incident. Police have released CCTV footage showing two men entering a Bunnings hours before the alleged abduction.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Koutsoufis said the men had items with them that police believed were used to “intimidate” MacGill.

“We are very keen to identify and locate those two males,” he told 2GB radio on Tuesday.

A computer-generated image of a third man known both as “Sonny” and “Zac” has also been released by police. Detective Superintendent Koutsoufis said the third man was a “street level drug dealer” who frequents the Ryde area and drives a white Camry with a rideshare sticker.

He is described to be of Middle Eastern appearance, aged between 25 and 35, with a solid build, short dark-coloured hari and a brown and red coloured beard.

Four men, including Ms O’Meagher’s brother Marino Sotiropoulos were arrested and charged in May over the alleged kidnapping, and are still in custody until their next court appearance.

MacGill denied any involvement in the abduction or any knowledge of an alleged cocaine supply deal that was occurring when he introduced Ms O’Meagher’s brother to “Sonny”.

“I know that I have done nothing wrong, Maria has done nothing wrong,” MacGill said.

“If people choose to think something contrary to what’s been presented by both myself and the police, then that’s up to them.

Images: A Current Affair