Roger Federer has delighted fans by posting a trick-shot video on Twitter.

The 20-time grand slam champion is making sure he’s still got the trick-shot kills by hitting between-the-legs “tweeners” and behind-the-back shots effortlessly in the snow.

 He cheekily captioned the video “Making sure I still remember how to hit trickshots”.

The video has already been viewed by fans 4.6 million times and has 260,000 likes on Twitter.

Fans were thrilled at the video, saying that it’s helped them during quarantine.

“Thank you for this video Mr Goat, it’s helped my tennis drought x 100”, one fan commented.

Another counted how many shots Federer took in the vide.

“15 shots. 5 tweeners, 3 behinds the back, 2 backhand slices, 5 forehands and six in the net”.

As Wimbledon announced that it wasn’t going ahead due to coronavirus, many tennis fans are settling for this video.

“The sound of your racquet is music to my ears”, one fan said joyfully.

Federer also gave fans another glimpse into his “stay at home” practice routine, saying he’s going back to the “olden days” of playing tennis against a wall. He also urged fans to take care during this time.

“Staying active at home is very important at the moment, and I’m even working on the trick shot once in a while,” he joked about his viral video.

“Seriously now, I think it’s very important that we listen to local government, that we adapt to the new situation and we try our best there.”

“I’ll keep practicing in the meantime, might go for a run later and play some tennis against the wall like in the olden days.”

The video quickly ends as Federer accidentally hits the ball against the camera, but he fixes it and wishes everyone to stay safe.

“Stay safe everyone, and take care!”

This article originally appeared on Over60.