A TikTok video has gone viral online for showing a new COVID-safe technology being trialled at Woolworths stores.

TikTok user @shereenchadoud captioned the short clip: “Thank you Woolworths for looking after us”.

In the video, a customer can be seen using a new sanitising machine for trolleys outside a Woolworths store by pushing her trolley into the large green unit and pressing a button.

“You can now disinfect your trolley at Woolworths Bankstown,” a voiceover says during the clip.

Many users from around the world have praised the technology and expressed their wish to try it for themselves.

“What a good idea Woolworths,” one person commented.

“I wanna go there and try it,” another said.

“They should have this everywhere,” a third wrote.

Some of the thousands of comments have questioned the effectiveness of the new device.

“But you already touched the dirty trolley to push it in there,” one person said.

“The trolley is safe but not the thousands of products for sale,” another noted.

Others noticed that the light that appears in the disinfecting unit looks like it uses UV technology and were quick to scrutinise its use.

But a Woolworths spokesperson has confirmed it is not the case.

“Customers simply push their trolley into the unit at the front of the store, which sprays it with disinfectant spray in under two seconds,” the spokesperson said.

The Bankstown store is the latest location to trial the tech, after the Oran Park store first implemented it in April and received widespread customer approval.

A Woolworths spokesperson has confirmed that the new devices have been a hit with customers.

“As a food retailer, we already have very high standards of cleaning and hygiene, including the thorough cleaning of high-touch surfaces, like trolleys and baskets,” the spokesperson said.

“As part of our COVID Safe program, we’re trialling new trolley disinfectant units in six of our stores across Greater Sydney.

“The units have been very popular with our customers, helping start their COVID-safe shop with extra confidence,” they said.

“We’re always looking for ways to make the in-store customer experience more convenient, and will closely monitor customer feedback on the trial in the coming weeks.”

Other stores trialling the unit in NSW include Wetherill Park, Glenrose, Bonnyrigg, and Carnes Hill.

Image: Shereenchadoud / TikTok

This article first appeared on Over60.