A Woolies staff member has amassed a huge amount of attention online after sharing dozens of hilarious video working at the supermarket.

But the video that’s garnered the most attention is of the Woolies worker salivating over a $4 “must try” dessert.

TikTok user Luke, who goes by the name of ashe_media on the social media platform, captioned the post “Woolworths products you have to try”, starting off with a cheap sweet fix.

“So in the freezer section for $4 you can get Belgium Chocolate Lava Cakes and they’re really nice,” Luke said with excitement.

“You put it in the microwave for 30 seconds on the side of the plate – oh look at it cook, it’s so beautiful.”

After microwaving the cake, Luke poured cream on top showing viewers the action in slow motion.

He then cut into it and watched as the melted chocolate oozed out.

Lava Cake

“Oh it’s just delicious,” he said.

The clip has been viewed over 80,000 times with many TikTok users oblivious to the product.

“I work at woolies and I’ve never seen this!!!!!! Where abouts do you find them!!! They look so good,” one person wrote.

“Haven’t seen these in store before,” wrote another.

“The lava cake is the definition of heaven! That’s why I pick woolies lol,” a third joked.

When one viewer asked how it compares to the $5 Cadbury lava cake, Luke responded, “simply better”.

When a user asked if Luke was single, he responded he was “dating the lava cake”.

“Honestly you are the best ambassador for woolies they need to pay your for marketing as well,” one TikTok user said, but Luke clarified his video was “not sponsored content”. 

It is unknown which store Luke works at, but he’s managed to create plenty of publicity for the supermarket.