Wedding restrictions in NSW have been eased to allow dancing three months after it was banned to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Thanks to constantly declining coronavirus numbers, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced on Thursday that dancing will once again be permitted – but it comes with some odd terms.

Weddings held throughout the state can have a maximum of 150 guests.

But when it comes to the dance floor, only 20 people will be allowed to have fun – as the other guests watch on.

And those lucky enough to show off their smooth moves must be chosen by the bride and groom in advance.

“Bridal parties of up to 20 can be on the dance floor, but I stress, it is the same 20 – you cannot have a roster of different guests of 20,” Berejiklian said.

“It has to be only be the same, up to 20, who are part of the bridal party not just the bride and groom.”

She went on to say it was “really important” this new rule was adhered to as weddings and other gatherings is where the virus is “most contagious and spreads most readily because people know each other”.

While it comes with many strange prerequisites, the news has been welcomed by couples.

Wedded Wonderland had been petitioning for dancing to be allowed and celebrated once the announcement was made.

“Finally!!! We have been driving a petition for dancing for up to 20 people (Bridal Party as per announcement – waiting on the specifics) and our Government has listened!!!” the post read.

“SO MANY incredible people behind the scenes have worked very hard to make this happen! We're really excited for our Couples and our Industry.” 

Other wedding restrictions will still remain in place, including all guests to provide their name and contact details in case they’re needed for contact tracing purposes.

“Mingling” between guests is still not permitted and neither is singing as it can cause people to spit, possibly spreading the virus.

Image credit: Greg Barton

This article originally appeared on Over60.