70 per cent of NSW drivers claim they have been victims of vicious road ragers on NSW roads, a new study by NRMA has found.

Andrew Nerlich was a victim of a violent attack after being punched in the head 15 times by a 20-year-old motorist.

The incident following a minor collision on Sydney’s northern beaches.

“People should be able to go about their business safely, accidents happen,” Mr Nerlich, said.

“Everybody makes mistakes.”

In NSW, road rage-related offences can cost you a hefty fine of up to $3300, or in worse cases – an automatic loss of license for five years or even up to 12 months jail time.

“What can begin as a simple mistake, somebody cutting you off can very quickly spiral out of control,” Peter Khoury from NRMA, told 9News.

Mr Khoury says drivers are forgetful that there may be dashcam recordings of incidents.

NRMA is urging drivers not to “overreact” while behind the wheel.

“Every bystander with a smartphone is now a recording witness – every dashcam an extension of the law,” the motoring body said.

“You are now more chance of getting caught and charged and your embarrassing behaviour featuring extensively on the news and across social media.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.