A shopper in Canberra has been left furious over Coles Click and Collect during the coronavirus pandemic.

She explained her situation on the supermarket's Facebook group, saying that previously she has been able to not have plastic bags included with her online shop.

However, as coronavirus has taken over the globe, that option has been removed.

She has questioned why she could not refuse the bags, especially with coronavirus cases at an all-time-low in NSW and the ACT.

“I’ve been using your Click and Collect service in Canberra, and ALWAYS say no to the plastic bags,” she wrote.

“Since Covid kicked off, however, I haven’t been given the option to say no to the bags. Given things are getting back to normal in the ACT, are you going to give us back the option to refuse the bags? I now have a pile of bags that I’ve paid for but never wanted in the first place.

“I’m trying to reduce my plastic usage, not increase it.”

Others were quick to say they think it's wasteful, saying that they have “kilos” of the bags.

“I have kilos of them. To the point where I now have no option but to throw them out,” the customer commented.

“What a waste of money.”

This isn't the first time Coles has had scandal over its use of plastic in online orders, with a woman in Melbourne complaining that one or two items were put in each bag.

“It would be nice if there was a cardboard box option for delivery from Coles, even if it costs more they decompose and can be put in household recycling,” the woman said.

This article originally appeared on Over60.