An advertisement for a king bed on Facebook marketplace has resulted in an unlikely romance – and the couple have announced that they are now expecting their first child together.

When Kyla Speirs, a Scottish air stewardess, advertised her king bed frame with a mattress online, she was soon approached by Gary MacDonald with a £150 offer that would end in romance.

When she handed over the bed frame, Speirs told The Mirror that it was “love at first sight”.

“We just got talking while he was there and chatted for ages then he left,” she explained.

Though she thought she would “never” hear from MacDonald again, the pair soon began exchanging messages.

A few weeks later, the pair arranged to meet again for a date, and officially started their relationship in April.

Now, the couple have announced that they’re expecting a baby in January 2022.

Speirs announced the pregnancy with two photos – the first of the original Facebook ad and the second of a scan of the baby – with the caption, “How it started v how it’s going. Love at first sight I swear.”

Image: Deadline

The couple’s story has since gone viral on social media, with other users praising their unique romance.

MacDonald also shared the news, writing on Facebook: “Longest I’ve kept a secret in my life. Baby MacDonald coming January 2022.”

Image: Deadline

This article first appeared on Over60.