They may be one of the coolest dogs on the block but one of the leading animal advisory boards in Britain is advising prospective dog owners to steer clear of flat-nosed pugs, bulldogs and French bulldogs. The president of the British Veterinary Association issued a statement that warned pet owners to steer clear of these breeds due to concerns over their health and welfare.

The Australian Veterinary Association has echoed the statement from their European peers saying that many people unfortunately do not realise the associated issues that come with the characteristic flat faces of these breeds.

Health problems including lifelong breathing difficulties, corneal ulcers, skin disease and a malformed tail are commonly seen by vets both here in Australia and the UK which is something prospective owners need to consider before purchasing a purebred pug, bulldog or Frenchie. Vet fee’s for ongoing health issues can run into the thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars, a price many pet owners are not prepared for or able to cover in the long term.

All three breeds fall within the top 15 of Australia’s most popular dog breeds, something many attribute to their presence on social media and popularity with celebrities. It’s due to this popularity that more and more breeders are appearing on the scene and employing less than ethical breeding practices, something which has resulted in some of the more distinctive characteristics of these dogs.

Vets have cautioned buy buyers to consider a cross breed or if they do want to adopt a purebred puppy, to do their research and find an ethical, reputable breeder who is registered with the relevant authorities.

Tell us in the comments below, do you own a purebred dog? Have you had to manage any breed specific health problems?

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