Have you written your professional Will? Is it on your to-do list? 

More than half of Australians leave this world without a professional Will each year, resulting in confusion and uncertainties for their immediate family, and the prospect of working through a mountain of complex legal paperwork during a time of intense grief. 

A personal binding Will shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. Even so, thousands of Australians are likely to avoid the task of creating a professional Will. This is not helped by a proliferation of legally suspect online DIY will kits, and concerns over exorbitant costs charged by law firms.

The process can be incredibly costly, time consuming, confusing or unclear, or just sensitive and difficult to face. Thankfully, that real stress can be avoided because an Australian-based company has created a platform that enables anyone to remotely and securely create a binding Will.

Wilbr was founded in August 2019 by a senior lawyer with a simple goal: that access to legally binding and easy-to-navigate wills should be offered to all Australians and that any friction or obstacles should be removed. All you have to do is Write, Sign and Store.

The company has removed any worries about the legality of the Will by allowing people to sign digitally via its own technology, which encrypts your signature, creating total security and authenticity. 

Why Wilbr? 

The benefits of Wilbr? No waiting to see a lawyer, no hidden costs or fees, and no need to fret about the process. The Wilbr platform is seamless, transparent and easy to navigate, making the process less stressful and quite possibly, even enjoyable. You can even use the platform to calculate your own net worth. 

Wilbr allows anyone to commence writing their Will whenever they like, wherever they like – on their laptop, tablet or mobile device. The company offers a once-off fee Will for only $169. Approved by solicitors and barristers, Wilbr Wills are legally binding and just as trustworthy as seeing your own local lawyer.

Wilbr can be signed and verified authentically online, without the hassle of printing copious streams of paper. The Wills are stored securely online and the all-important signature is captured digitally. There is no excuse anymore for creating heartache for your loved ones.

You can sign up for Wilbr here.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Wilbr. Guest author Doron Rivlin is the founder of Wilbr Wills and a practising solicitor based in Sydney.