A bizarre clip of families battling it out during a tour at a Chinese Zoo has gone viral, leaving viewers speechless.

The trivial argument between two tourists on Sunday led to a violent brawl that included at least six people.

Beijing Wildlife Park has said in a statement that the brawl included a woman and a young child.

The incident, which occurred in the gorilla area of the zoo, has received a number of responses after being posted to social media site Weibo.

A woman holding a toddler can be seen kicking another woman while she tries to fight off a third woman on the ground.

Two men are seen wrestling in the background.

Bystanders watched the brawl in horror.

“They shouted at each other, tore at each other and many tourists and animals were watching. The two sides reached a settlement after mediation,” a park authority said on WeChat, the Global Times reported.

The park said that some animals had never witnessed a fight between humans and “followed suit” later that night.

“Under the patient education of the keeper, [we believe] animals knew that fighting was not good,” the park said, the publication reported.

Viewers said on Twitter that the footage of the fight is “pretty awful to watch”.

“It’s a toss-up between what was more unexpected, the woman kicking the other woman and pulling her hair while holding a baby, or the man who jump-kicked the woman holding the baby,” one woman said.

“Not sure who learns from whom,” another person wrote.

This article originally appeared on Over60.