Woolworths has spoken up about a supermarket trolley hack that went viral on social media.

The image shows a green shopping basket attached to a metal bar with hooks at the back of the trolley.

The photograph has gone viral many times over the years but made a resurgence on Facebook and shocked Australian shoppers.Woolies -trolley (1)

The green basket suggests it is a Woolworths’ trolley, however a spokesperson for the supermarket says the trolley was not part of their fleet.

They told Yahoo News Australia that Woolworths’ trolleys do feature a rail brace at the back to help keep its structure and help bear the load of items inside.

They are not used to hold baskets.

A number of Australian Facebook users said they “had no idea” what the metal bars seen on the back of trolleys were used for.

“I thought that was just made to piss me off every time I kick it by mistake,” one woman wrote. 

Woolies -trolley -1 (1)

“No more squashing the bread,” a woman suggested when many other shoppers wondered why they would need a basket if they had a trolley.

“I guess it would be something to do with putting fragile stuff in the back so that kids don’t stomp all over them!” another said.

This article originally appeared on Over60.