With more people working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, supermarkets across Australia have reported a big spike in coffee sales.

In Aldi, sales of its coffee brand Lazzio spiked by more than 50 per cent during a seven week period across March and April.

Coles also revealed sales of coffee pods had skyrocketed during isolation.

Rolando Schirato, Managing Director for Vittoria Coffee, told in May it had experienced a drop in takeaway coffee sales but a spike in the use of home-based products such as pods.

Now Woolworths is giving customers the chance to feed the at-home coffee frenzy, by giving away $99 coffee machines to customers who buy coffee capsules.

Until September 1, customers can get a Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine for free when they purchase six packets of 16 Lavazza capsules for $11 a pop.

It means shoppers can spend $33 less than what they would usually have to fork out for the kitchen appliance and have a supply of coffee to boot.

Woolies shoppers took to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook account to reveal they had already taken advantage of the deal, encouraging others to do the same.

One person said it was great timing as “our coffee machine just died”, while another said they had the machine already and recommended it.

“I honestly love mine so easy to use and easy to keep clean,” the wrote.

Another shopper said the machine was “great” but it paid to stock up on the capsules when they were on special.

“I have this machine and love the coffee. Lavazza is great! I only buy the pods on special usually either $7 or $8 box. I just buy enough for four to five weeks. At full price they are a bit pricey,” they wrote.

The offer is available while stocks last until next Tuesday in selected Woolies stores across the country.

Images: Woolworths / Facebook

This article originally appeared on Over60.