The sun is finally out in full force! Use these simple tips to help you save money and keep you cool for the rest of summer.

Running under the backyard sprinkler with the grandkids is always a sure-fire method of cooling off but there are a number of other ingenious ways to stay cool without enduring a skyrocketing electricity bills.

Ready to cool down?

1. Ice Ice Baby
Keep your freezer stocked with ice-blocks, bottles of water (great to take on the go as they will melt throughout the day) and other frosty delights to ensure you always have something cold at hand. Refill ice cube trays immediately and keep a stock of extra ice in an old ice-cream bucket. Feeling brave? Throw a pair of socks and undies into the freezer for 10 minutes and indulge with a very cool and invigorating start to the day.

2. Indulge in a Mojito
Elegant and delicious, a well-made mojito can turn a sweltering day into a cool haze. The Cuban drink combines the famous five – white rum, lime juice, sparkling water, mint and sugar. Have ahighball or two and beat the heat in style

Boomer -10-ways -mojito -wyza -com -au (1)A sip of Mojito will take you back into paradise! 

3. Stay cool under the sheets 
Ditch the doona and remember lightweight cotton sheets are the best choice to help you keep cool. Egyptian sheets are the ultimate and these can be layered as temperatures vary. Lightweight cotton fibres allow increased airflow throughout the bed and are less stuffy than synthetic or woollen sheets.

4. Hydration, hydration, hydration
Heat stroke and exhaustion are common in summer, and they have the tendency to creep up unawares. Regardless of how much you perspire, refuel your body with a sip of water every 15 minutes or so. We’ve all been told that 8-glasses (or two litres) of water a day is ideal, and on hot days this number only increases. Also try snacking on foods with high water content. These could include delicious options such as cucumber, papaya or watermelon. Try freezing fruit such as raspberries or small shards of lemon in ice cubes to put in ice water for a refreshing drink.

Boomer -10-ways -cool -your -jets -hydration -wyza -com -auDrink up! Hydration is key for good internal health

5. Become a fan of fans
Using a fan in place of an air conditioning unit or central heat/cooling system is easy on the wallet and the planet. Forget the clunky old spinners from days gone by – those fans that seemed to prefer moving dust than circulating air –because modern designs are functional and affordable. Consider installing a roof fan as these are an economic and effective option. Or use multiple fans around the room, as they’ll produce far wider range. Be smart with placement. The best configuration sees fans positioned across from open windows, making the most of breezes and encouraging circulation around the room. Another great tip is to place a shallow tray of ice in front of the fan to create ice-chilled air and AC-like results at a fraction of the price.

6. Unplug appliances when not in use
Even if the microwave isn’t turning, or the computer isn’t charging, electrical leads continue emitting energy and heat. By unplugging them, unnecessary heat is avoided and the house will feel cooler within hours.

7. Prepare cold meals in the kitchen
We often think of a meal lacking heat as a side dish or a snack, never the main meal. But cold dishes aren’t necessarily synonymous with salads, although salads can be filling and delicious. Reduce the heat in the kitchen and the rest of the house by whipping up some salmon sashimi or a traditional Italian tomato-watermelon (Panzanella) salad. The options are endless, and because no cooking is involved, time spent in the kitchen is slashed significantly. Chicken salads and cold chicken sandwiches or wraps are always quick and delicious. A fresh Gazpacho soup will go down a treat while cooling and nourishing your insides, as will a cold Chinese noodle soup. You’re limited only by the ingredients in your kitchen, and your imagination.

Boomer -10-ways -beat -this -summer -cold -meals -wyza -com -auA tasty chicken wrap is a perfect choice in the summer heat! 

8. Transform your hot water bottle into a frozen water bottle
It’s so simple we can’t believe we didn't think of it sooner! Just stick your usually hot-water bottle in the freezer and place it at the end of your bed (or hug it), and enjoy a cool bedfellow who won’t hog the sheets.

9. Spray and spritz
Keep a spray bottle (the type used for ironing, or the hairdresser’s variety) in the fridge and spritz your face and body whenever you feel flushed. Add a few drops of essential oil to the water for a more fragrant spray at the end of the day.

10. Sip on a Piña Colada
Nothing says ‘tropical island getaway’ like a refreshing piña colada, so stockpile the pineapples, grab some fancy drinking glasses, embrace your inner bartender and shake up a jug for the whole family. Equal parts Bacardi and pineapple juice, a good piña colada also demands a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of coconut cream (tastes just as good without the alcohol!). 

How do you usually beat the heat? Leave a comment down below!