5 fun holiday ideas for the grandkids

Are you struggling to entertain the grandkids these holidays?  Perhaps you want to pull them away from technology but aren’t sure how to?

By finding the right mix of fun and planned spontaneity, you’ll enjoy this precious quality time with your grandchildren and create memories that will last forever. Here are 5 fun activities you can entertain the grandkids.

1. Get crafty

Kids love to use their hands, and when you give them the chance to create something they will jump at it. Whether your grandchild loves to colour in, wants to make a card for their parents or has aspirations to make friendship bracelets for their entire class, craft activities can keep them entertained for hours. For ideas, you can check out Pinterest.

2. Explore the outdoors

Taking the grandkids outside will give them a chance to stretch their legs and release pent up energy. Going to the park or beach are great ideas if you want to relax while the kids play in the sunshine. Alternatively if you want to join in the action, you could go hiking or take an overnight camping trip.

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You can also play a board game or a fun puzzle to keep the kids busy

3. Go bowling

No doubt you loved bowling when you were a child, and chances are your grandchildren will too. Take them out for a day on the town, enjoy a relatively inexpensive game of bowling and have lunch together. Full of laughter, gutter balls and strikes, this will create memories that will last long after the holidays.

4. Have a movie marathon

Putting on a good DVD can make the day fly by, and there’s no shortage of films that both you and they will love. Pop in a Disney movie like Frozen, or if they’re older let them become lost in the adventures of Captain America.  

5. Invite their friends

Any activity is made more fun when it involves your best friend. Treat the kids and let them invite over a friend one day. Let them play together, run around outside or watch a movie.

If they’re older, let them hang out and watch a movie together. Kids will create their own fun when they have a friend with them.

How do you entertain your grandkids?