Amanda Keller lifts the lid on her hilarious life in new memoir - WYZA exclusive

Amanda Keller on getting up at 4am, her early days working on Simon Townsend’s Wonder World her hilarious new memoir Natural Born Keller and her secret to a happy life.

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Amanda Keller, 53, is the host of The Living Room on Channel 10, has spent more than a decade as a radio announcer with Jonsey at WSFM 107. She admits interviewing Barry Manilow was a career highlight, she is a keen Sydney Roosters fan and loves preparing her family of four a home made meal with her Thermomix. Amanda is a quirky entertainer and we love her for it.

Q. You have such a busy life with a family, tv and radio shows and now an author of a new book. . . how did you fit it all in?
Most days it’s pretty straightforward. I get up at 4am (that’s the tricky bit. . .but I’m used to it now) and after the radio show I’ll head home and have an afternoon nap. Every second week we record two episodes of the Living Room which makes for a long day, but pretty much every other day I’m home for when the kids get home from school and we all have a normal family life!

Writing the book took a gazillion years because I tried to fit it into my weekends. I’d watch the kids play footie, and then instead of writing I’d have an afternoon nap. Week after week, month after month etc etc. I had a very patient editor!

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Q. What was it like to write Natural Born Keller? 
I loved the writing process, though I employed a million delay tactics - I’d bake a cake, clean the fridge, make a million cups of tea. But once I got stuck in, I loved it. I most enjoyed looking back at my daggy teen years.

I have a diary I wrote from the age of 15 that chronicles my intense love for Barry Manilow. It makes for excruciating reading, but it’s hard not to laugh at my dreadful teenage yearnings.

Q. What were the most confronting parts to write about in your memoir?
My mum passed away ten years ago, and I put off writing that chapter for ages. Ironically it ended up being one of the easiest to write. The words just poured out, and as I was writing them I realised that my book is in many ways a love letter to Mum. It still didn’t stop me talking about her lacklustre attempts at cooking or the mortifying clothes she made for me.

Q. Growing up working on Simon Townsend’s Wonder World seemed like the most glamorous job in the world. What was it like behind the scenes?
It was incredibly hard work. I think I got my work ethic from being a researcher on that show. I had to find two stories a day every day no matter what. No typhoon, blackout or illness was allowed to stand in the way! But it was also party central. Even now, many of my closest friends are from that show. For many of us it was our first job, so it was a sharp learning curve. . .professionally and socially!

Amanda -Keller -dressed -as -Lucille -Ball -Facebook
Keller kills the Lucille Ball look! (Photo: Facebook/WSFM with Jonesy & Amanda)

Q. You were a host of Talkin’ About My Generation - so, what is the best thing about being part of your generation?
What a great show that was! It was so inventive - unlike anything I’d seen before or since. I was team leader for the Baby Boomers which conjures up images of tucking your hanky into your sleeve and waving around a pension card.

It seemed a little unfair - I had to answer questions from as far back as the Old Testament! Gen Y had questions about things that happened last week, and they still weren’t sure!

Q. What was life like when you were growing up?
I left Brissie when I as 7, and went to Perth for 2 years, then came to Sydney. So most of my upbringing was in Sydney. When I was really small I wanted to be a princess in a solid gold dress- I’ll leave that to the Housewives of Melbourne.

Then I toyed with being a vet. . . but only for cute and small animals. I liked the idea of being an actress but that seemed unrealistic. Journalism was the route I chose. It’s panned out nicely - I get to show off a bit, and sit next to a vet on the Living Room, so it’s win win.

Q. Has your home become more stylish since being the host of The Living Room?
My house has changed a bit since meeting Barry Du Bois!!! He’ll be over having a cuppa, and casually design a new back deck or sliding door arrangement on the back of a napkin! My ‘style’ is a mish mash of anything that catches my eye, so clean lines and minimalism is not my thing. My tip? If you love it, buy it, and enjoy it!

Amanda -Keller -hugh -jackman -facebook
Keller made it no secret on The Living Room that she had a big celebrity crush on Hugh Jackman (Photo: Facebook/The Living Room)

Q. How do you stay so energetic leading such a busy life? Do you have a health/exercise regimen in place - what is it and do you love or loathe it?
I’ve become better with my exercise in recent years. I try to meet a trainer at the gym (the long suffering Doug) twice a week. And I’ll walk 2 or 3 other days. Having a border collie helps!

Q. What is your favourite saying or motto?
That’ll do.

Q. What is one thing you haven’t done yet which is on your bucket list?
I’d love to have a crack at serious acting. I loved the bits I did in Swift and Shift Couriers with Paul Feneck, but I pretty much played myself, only with added swearing. I think Julia Morris has found a perfect balance between those worlds.

Q. What is the secret to the meaning of life according to Amanda Keller?
I reckon it pays to not care tooo much - particularly about yourself. You can’t enjoy the world if you’re only seeing yourself in it. Stop looking at your navel, and the stuff that matters will be a lot clearer.

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