Australia is notorious for having confusing parking signs lining our busy streets.

Now, one Sydneysider has spotted a confusing parking sign that has been made even more complicated by a typo.

The parking sign was spotted by Sydney journalist Dean Nye, who came across the detailed instructions in the city’s inner west suburb of Leichhardt.

Can you spot the typo?

The photo shows four different parking signs nailed together, creating a very confusing list of rules.

On the bottom-left sign, it incorrectly says that two hours of parking is allowed between 9.15 am and 2.45 am on school days. The sign should instead say 2.45pm.

Motorists are also told from the signs that five-minute parking is only allowed on school days between peak drop-off and pick-up times, which are from 8 am to 9.15 am and 2.45 pm to 4pm.

On school days, drivers can park there for two hours outside of the pick-up and drop-off times.

Between Monday and Saturday on days that school isn’t on, drivers are told they can park on the street for two hours between 8 am and 6pm.

On the same days, the parking goes up to four hours between 6 pm to 10pm.

Finally, the drivers are told that on Sunday, four-hour parking applies from 8 am to 10pm.

After the confusing signs were shared to Twitter, users were quick to share their thoughts on the parking rules.

“Surely you can take that all in while still driving to avoid stopping in the middle of the road and blocking traffic,” one person said.

Another added: “Pretty sure I would have received a ticket by the time I’d finished going though that and working out if I could park or not.”

Did you spot the typo on the parking sign? Let us know in the comments below. 

Article created in partnership with Over60