It is never too late: Wendy Travers rode a scooter across the Nullarbor Plains

Intrepid adventurer Wendy Travers took a 2,400 kilometre scooter ride across the Nullarbor Plains to raise money for a much needed cause ... and shocked her grandkids!

When Wendy Travers and her husband Warren moved into Living Choice Broadwater Court on the NSW Central Coast in August 2011, she had no idea that she would become an ‘everyday hero’ who would be featured on TV and in the local newspaper for her fundraising efforts.

Taking on a daring road trip, Wendy rode across the dessert for a charitable cause

She also had no inkling that she would one day join a group of intrepid over-65s for an adventurous 2,400 km scooter ride across South Western Australia’s Nullarbor Plain to raise funds for mental heath organisation, Beyond Blue.

Wendy, a grandmother of five, decided to participate in the Scootarbor Challenge, not only to fulfill her desire to ride a scooter, but to support the meaningful work of Beyond Blue.

She saw the event advertised in the village communiqué and decided immediately that she wanted to join. “I just read it and thought, this is something I’m going to do.”

Thirst for adventure
While riding a scooter was a new experience for her, Wendy has always had a thirst for adventure. An avid environmentalist, traveller and conservationist, she has travelled to over 100 countries and lived for significant periods in Hong Kong, Belgium and the United States.

This is one woman who has a unique vision of the world and isn’t afraid to try something new, regardless of her age.

Wendy with her husband Warren Travers at the waterfront at Living Choice Broadwater Court on the stunning Central Coast of NSW

A lifetime of travel
Indeed, the family photo album resembles something out of a National Geographic magazine. Posing with her husband of 51 years, the couple has images of themselves scuba diving around the world, climbing the highest mountain peak in the United States, on a dog sledding trip in Alaska and paddling through the west coast of the Vancouver islands.

More to come
Add competitive horse riding and six years as a volunteer conflict resolution facilitator in a Seattle, Washington jail, and you still only have a portion of what Wendy hopes to achieve yet.

Fellow residents, local businesses, family and friends have been very supportive of Wendy’s latest adventure and have assisted with fundraising. She admits that a few friends, "maybe think I’m a bit demented."

“They think you have to be careful at this age. I think we have to live at this age. We’re never too old to seize the moment,” she said.

Wendy believes that we are never too old to seize opportunities and try new things

Looking for a charity challenge? Trek the Kokoda
The next fundraising event for Beyond Blue is the Kokoda Trek 16-27th April 2016, which links the south and north coast of Papua New Guinea across 96 kilometres of rugged mountain terrain, tropical rainforest and unspoiled villages. Not for the faint-hearted, this truly is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure which requires a high fitness level and suitable training leading up to the trek.

Registration fee: $770 (non-refundable)
Fundraising target: $4,000 (excludes travel)
Travel cost: $4,946, including taxes (can be fundraised)

For more information call Inspired Adventures on 1300 905 188 or visit their website.

Looking for a way to help others? Join the Red Cross!
The Red Cross offer many opportunities to volunteer including a scheme called the Community Visitors Scheme which supports socially isolated seniors who are living in their own homes.

The support is provided by volunteers who are trained by the Red Cross. The volunteer training is three hours long and covers the fundamental principals of the Red Cross and the guidelines for visiting a person as a Red Cross volunteer.

To find out more or discover a suitable volunteering opportunity near you visit the Red Cross site or

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