The lack of simple information available to consumers about the financial implications of moving into residential aged care, has spurred leading NSW aged care provider SummitCare to take action.

SummitCare has produced an informative cartoon-style video, which clearly and concisely covers off the financial processes associated with the transition to residential aged care.

“There is a lack of easily understandable information for customers about this important process,” says SummitCare CEO Cynthia Payne. “More and more families are contacting us to enquire about their loved ones moving into SummitCare, and many of them have no understanding at all about the financial issues involved in this and what the process is.”

Ms Payne says as a result SummitCare had launched the video, which tells the story of Betty and her family. “Betty has had a fall and spent some time in hospital, and can no longer live safely at home,” Ms Payne adds. “Exploring aged care options online makes Betty and her family feel like they are entering a maze. We believe our video, which is not just informative but lovely to watch, will help them navigate through the process.”

The helpful video does make the process easy to understand. It covers the aged care assessment process; finding an aged care centre; visiting Centrelink to complete the appropriate form; the financial choices available and the questions that must be asked; care costs; and how financial advisors can assist.

“Moving into residential aged care is a very important life event, and it can be an emotional and difficult time,” Ms Payne adds. “Our aim is to ease customer frustrations, and we hope our video will help many people.”

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