Online shopping: Fashion for women over 50
Need a bit of help figuring out your style or how to dress for your body type? We’ve got you covered!

You’re probably quite comfortable in your own skin, what works for your body and what doesn't, and what your personal style is. For those who haven't quite found it, then this guide is a solution to your wardrobe woes. Here we share helpful tips from a stylist and scour the internet for some of the best online shopping sites that speak to your personal style, whether it's chic and sophisticated or relaxed and resort-like.

Dressing for your age
There’s no denying that as you get older it can become harder to keep in shape and you can no longer pull off the tight dresses or bold new fashion trends you did in your heyday. But that doesn't mean you can't be fashionable or stylish. There are still plenty of fantastic styles and appealing trends for over-50s to get excited about. 

Embrace your age and charm with on-trend styles that'll make you feel extra fab!

Australian style adviser, Suzy Black, helps women over 50 get their mojo back. She said the most common mistakes for this age bracket is that they dress frumpy, draw attention to the wrong areas and wear clothes that make them look older than their years.

Suzy's key style points:

  • Stick with the safe and slimming colour of black or beige, particularly for more formal evening wear.
  • Accessorise with bright scarves, earrings, neckpieces or interesting shoes and bags and play more with patterns and colours for daytime events.
  • Boots or wedges are fantastic; versatile shoes that are easy to walk in and add a touch of slimming height and panache.

She also warns strongly against dressing too young. So ditch the ponytail and opt instead for a more elegant bob. And throw out the tight, short dresses for a more sophisticated look. Less flesh is generally better. And for elegance, she also stresses the importance of having a well-fitted bra and not flashing any bosom, thighs or too much of the arms and shoulders. 

3 things to consider when revamping your wardrobe:

  1. Invest in a few good pieces that you can mix and match and dress up or down.
  2. Some key items include a plain black shift dress, a white blouse, smart black or navy trousers and three-quarter skirt as well as a selection of plain coloured jackets.
  3. Accessorise in the daytime with a colourful scarf and handbag, but enhance the classiness at night with some statement earrings, smaller clutch and suave heels.

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Black and white garments make mixing and matching styles a breeze

How to dress for your body type
The key to dressing for your body type is to accentuate your best features and draw attention away from your least flattering areas.

If you have a Triangle body shape – shapely legs and hips – draw the eye up with bright coloured or embellished tops, and acquaint yourself with sweaters or cropped jackets and boot-cut pants. 

Add structure to a Oval body shape with wrap dresses, asymmetrical hemlines or draped fabrics. Show off slim legs with straight leg pants and slight heels or experiment by wearing dresses with ruching or gathering. 


Simplicity is key for Hourglass figures – opt for clean, simple tops with scoop necklines and three-quarter sleeves, tailored jackets and fitted pencil skirts of skinny jeans. 

If you have the Rectangle or athletic figure body shape, complement your natural lines with rounded hemlines and ruffled details. Go for high-waist pants, strappy tops and more feminine fabrics such as lace or silk. 

With a Diamond shape, you'll need to balance your shoulders and bust with your hips while creating a waist. Wear tunics or tops with wide V or U necks; A line or straight line skirts that. The bottom should be a darker colour than your top.

Add volume to the bottom half of an Inverted Triangle body shape. Shop for simple, V-neck tops and pair them with wide leg pants or long skirts. 

There is always something so simple yet elegant about wearing a frock

The dos and don'ts of online shopping
Online shopping not only saves the time and trouble of trekking to crowded shopping centres, it also offers the convenience of browsing the stores whenever you please. The prices are usually lower and it allows you to view the entire catalogue rather than just what’s in store. Shopping over the internet also gives you the option of ordering clothes from overseas or interstate retailers, which otherwise wouldn’t be available in your area.

However, there are a few things you should be wary of, particularly if you are not accustomed to popular scamming techniques on the web.

When browsing an online store, ensure the website has a lock symbol or the address starts with a "https://" as these are more secure and are harder for hackers to access. Using credit cards is safer than debit cards as with the latter, the money is taken immediately from your account and is harder to recover.

Before making a purchase, be sure to read the fine print. Familiarise yourself with their shipping and return policies before purchasing anything. Also be sure to keep receipts and compare them to charges on your credit card to guarantee there are no hidden or extra costs.

The best online shopping stores for fashionable over-50s:

Ezibuy – has different brands to suit many styles, young and old, stylish or casual.

Millers – Australian label that is great value fashion with everyday wardrobe essentials.

Rockmans – affordable Australian fashion.

JAG – this Aussie brand may have young-ish models, but its casual basics and dress cuts are perfect for smart casual wear.

Witchery – Again, the models are youthful, but the style is classic.

Ann Taylor – modern and sophisticated clothing for work and evening wear. 

Katies – your wardrobe solution to fashionable and wearable clothing that fits your everyday.

Karen Millen – British designer and luxury brand whose chic fashion is tailored and sophisticated.  

Country Road – tasteful casual Australian fashion for women and men, plus home accessories. 

Portmans – stylish and simple tops, pants, dresses and jackets ranging from casual to work to evening wear. 

David Jones and Myer – both these department stories carry many brands.

Nordstrom (Eileen Fisher) – a popular online store featuring both affordable and designer brands. Eileen Fisher is a classy and flattering brand specifically for over 40s. 

Leina Broughton – an Australian boutique brand that offers beautiful quality garments, with all designs developed in-house and manufactured in Queensland.

Do you shop online? What's your favourite shopping site?

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