Fashion is big on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean it’s all about the younger generation. Here’s our pick of some of the best people who are demonstrating why you don’t have to become invisible as you age.

Yvonne is a Kiwi living in Zurich – so she has great global style. We love her relaxed, natural look (and odd splash of colour). She shows that you can still take some risks with your fashion choices when you are into your fifth decade. We love her passion and courage.

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Lyn Slater knows how to make grey hair the epitome of cool. She has what she calls an “urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic” and likes to connect with women who live “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities. Her looks are simple and elegant, but with a great edge. There’s a lot of black! She manages to look modern without looking overdressed or trying too hard…


Sharryn is a stylist based in Melbourne helping women of all ages dress for their body shape. Her style is positive and fun – a great way to get your fashion mojo. She’s a big believer in finding your own personal style and often showcases other women of a certain age that she finds inspiring. Sharryn is also great at discovering new Australian designers who dress older women well. Great to have on your feed.

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This Instagram account – and accompanying blog – is for women “who refuse to go quietly into maturity”, says Jonet Wooten, 54 years young. A former photojournalist, she says that shopping with her best friend inspired the creation of her blog.

“We both turned to each other and said, ‘Where are the clothes for us?’,” she says. “Neither of us could relate to anything on the racks. We were – literally – stuck between racks of junior crop-tops and dismal granny panties. From that experience, I vowed to keep my finger on the pulse of fabulously chic trends in my age group.” Words to live by.


Beth Djalali is all about style rather than trends. She rocks the silver bob and has a certain country-style chic. She’s based in the mid-western USA and practicality rules. As she says, “one thing I’ve learned is that when you look great, you feel great and you step out the door armed with confidence!” One of the best elements of Beth’s style is that she has lots of key (and affordable) pieces that are worn over and over again, with just a little twist each time.


How good is the motto of “Ageing with hats, vintage and the mysteries of yoga”? Judith is a former psych nurse and is 73 years old. She lives in Denver, Colorado, and says she wants to take back the word crone, to its original meaning, signifying a woman of a “certain age’ who embodies all her life’s wisdom, knowledge, experience, and love. She’s an inspiration.

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Frank Muytjens is the Head of Menswear Design at J Crew, so it’s fair to assume that his style is classic and simple. His age is a bit of a mystery, but he certainly eschews a certain silver fox charm. Stylish without looking too tricked up, Australian men could learn a lesson from him on how to dress casually without looking like a slob. There’s lots of great home snaps as well – his country house is one to lust after.


The original and some say, the best. Ari Seth Cohen travels the world finding stylish women (and men) over 60 who refuse to disappear with age. Inspiring, uplifting and often quite hilarious. He’s been in Australia recently too, and showcased many of our most original dressers. You might be surprised!


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