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Haute horrors, frock shocks or style missteps. We all know the fashion mistakes that make us scream “quelle horreur!” But what are the fashion faux pas that age you?

You're stuck in a style rut
Unfortunately style doesn’t come with a use-by date. Without the occasional refresh of clothes — and hair and make-up — you can end up looking dated and older than you are. 

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Get your mojo back with a statement jacket that has a modern slimline look

Stop relying on trusty old favourites and update them with more modern versions. Ditch the drab boxy old double-breasted jacket for a fab fitted slimline single-breasted version; the mumsie leggings and easy-to-wear fleece for classic straight-leg jeans and a boyfriend shirt; square-toed pumps for kitten heels or slides; and the longline cardigan for a khaki army jacket or leather jacket.

And while you’re at it, it’s time to stop wearing stockings with open-toed shoes and sheer black hosiery with white or cream-coloured shoes.

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Midi skirts and dresses are right on trend – perfect for an elegant and chic look

You dress too young
Turning 50 doesn't mean you can’t be sexy, but it doesn’t give you license to dress how you used to!

There are certain style choices you should leave behind because you'll look like you're trying too hard. Instead make your outfits more chic and body appropriate as opposed to flashy and trashy.

Aim for a classic chic look rather than “mutton dressed as lamb”.

Slogan T-shirts, cropped tops and mini skirts should all be left behind. Swap sleeveless, low-cut mini dresses that were fine in your 20s for a long-sleeved dress that sits just below the knee with heels (especially if you have great legs).

Wear tight jeans with a gorgeous silk blouse (rather than a tight cropped T-shirt). And replace super low-rise, torn, distressed or embellished jeans with classic straight leg or boot leg styles in a dark denim.


Katies -lookbook -md -7-300x 450Make sure you get the right fit when shopping for outfits (via Katies)

You've forgotten about fit
Fit is the key to everything! If you don’t care about the fit of your clothes, you run the risk of looking older.

A clean, lean silhouette with modern sharp lines is timeless and ageless. Garments that skim the body, jackets that fit you in the shoulders or a pair of classic straight-leg pants or jeans will show your figure in a way that’s both stylish and youthful.

Most important is the correct bra size. Pregnancy, fluctuating weight and menopause can change a woman's bust shape and size. When your bust drops, you get a short-waisted, matronly effect and clothes don’t fit properly. So it’s important to get professionally fitted once a year to determine your correct size, one that keeps the fullest part of your bust exactly halfway between shoulder and waist.

You wear the wrong underwear
One of the worst is the VPL — visible panty line — and wearing coloured or patterned briefs under white or light-coloured pants. But for older women who often deal with a loss of definition around their rear ends, it can be especially damaging.

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Spanx can do wonders for your figure!

Look for smooth seamless styles that sit under your buttock cheeks (or a G-string under trousers or jeans, if you can).

Or invest in shape wear and Spanx-type power panties or shorts (the new girdle) under dresses. And when it comes to white or light-coloured pants? Stick to nude or skintone underwear.

You choose comfort over style
Active wear is a huge trend right now, but that doesn’t mean you can wear leggings, track pants or elasticised-waist pants and an oversized top everywhere.

While the look is undeniably comfy, it is lazy and suggests you don’t care. Leave them for the gym or yoga studio.

They also don’t do anything to enhance the beauty of your legs. Unless your ankle is half the width of your thigh, they will draw attention to every small imperfection in your legs, every cellulite bulge and drawing attention away from your assets.

Instead, keep your silhouette narrow and wear tailored pants, classic straight leg jeans or cigarette-leg cropped pants that skim the body.

Your glasses are so last decade
The style and shape of your glasses is just as susceptible to fashion trends — and can age you. So take a risk and try something you wouldn't normally wear.

Swap out your old metal frames with those fiddly little nose pieces for a pair of funky plastic frames.

But if you wear multifocals, getting lenses updated every year (particularly if you have opticals AND sunglasses) can get expensive. So opt for transition lenses instead or a pair of cheap 'n' cheerful readers from the chemist.

What fashion favourites have you embraced as you’ve become older?

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