We asked what is most important to you and you told us! Read on to discover what our exclusive Wise Up! survey revealed about 50+ Australians.

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Did you know? There are nearly 8 million Australians aged 50+ today – a third of our total population. In fact, by 2020, the Australian Bureau of Statistics projects that this number will have grown to nearly 9 million, or just under half of all adults. A staggering thought.

This large and growing demographic represents a vibrant, energetic and valuable group of people. We hold 40% of the nation’s net worth, yet we are often misunderstood, mislabelled and ignored by businesses and marketers.

The Wise Up! study was conducted in February/March 2016 by MevCorp Research & Strategy on behalf of WYZA®, Australia’s fastest growing digital platform. WYZA® was created specifically to serve the needs of people 50+. We aim to connect you directly with the information, products and services you want.

What we found in the study was enlightening and sometimes surprising. Please let us know what you think.

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Michael Farley

So, what did we learn about the WYZA® generation?
Ever felt like you have been ‘typecast’ as wanting to stay in your comfort zone? We discovered that while connecting with loved ones, relaxation and routine are important so is independence, stimulation and exploration.

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Spending time with family is what the WYZA® generation are most looking forward to

As part of the 50+ balancing act it turns out our most important life priorities are varied but are all important:

  • 79% highly value being independent
  • 73% highly value being in a loving relationship
  • 72% highly value spending time with family members
  • 72% highly value having space and time to yourself
  • 62% highly value having fun and doing stimulating things
  • 61% highly value relaxing and feeling centred
  • 56% highly value having a pleasant routine
  • 49% highly value learning new things

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While connecting to loved ones, relaxation and routine are very important to people over 50, they also have a strong desire for independence, stimulation and exploration

What 8 things are we most looking forward to?

1. Being with family: time with partner, children, grandchildren
2. Travel: both overseas and in our own backyards
3. More leisure time: to stop and smell the roses
4. Living life: to the full
5. Maintaining health: via diet and activity
6. Friends: keeping old ones, making new ones
7. Positivity: happiness, enjoyment, love
8. Participation: via work, paid or volunteer

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People over 50 are still very forward and outward looking – wanting to travel, get or stay healthy and explore new things

The survey was conducted online, with questions encompassing the lifestyles, attitudes, priorities, concerns, life stages and demographic of people 50+. A nationally representative sample of 7,857 men and women 50+ was collected.

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