Couples who dress together stay together, well for this pair it seems to be the case.

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Meet Mr Bon and Mrs Pon, the Insta-famous couple who have made his-and-her outfits cool again. While it may seem a bit cheesy to wear a matching outfit with your significant other, this husband and wife’s zany sense of style and crafty coordination may just change your mind.

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In their 60s and with a meticulous fashion sense, the Japanese duo started Instagramming in December 2016 after their daughter, May, suggested they create an account. May, who is pictured below with her mother, is also the one who photographs them and it is clear that she has inherited her parents’ sense of style:

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Mrs Pon with her daughter

Bon and Pon only recently started to match their outfits after noticing that they already had matching silver hair.

“Since we both have grey hair, we thought it'd be funny to match our fashion styles, so we started wearing clothes of the same colour and patterns,” Mrs Pon has said.

“When I was young, I found matching styles embarrassing, but at this age, I no longer feel ashamed.”

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With a penchant for harmonising their looks, the couple pose side-by-side in their “outfit of the day” while sweetly holding hands or with their arms linked.

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And what’s even more cute? Their Instagram handle @bonpon511 is a combination of their first names and the date of their wedding anniversary – the pair will be celebrating 37th wedding anniversary on May 11!

Bonding through fashion, their style is nothing short of sophisticated. They perfectly coordinate ensembles that complement one another, often sporting sailor stripes, checkers or gingham in palettes of white, red, navy blue, grey and black.

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“We decide based on how we feel each day. We like monotones, red and blue, so inevitably we decide on colours we both like,” explains Mrs Pon.

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Style certainly has no age restrictions for this over-60 couple. In January this year the couple had 10,000 followers but have now attracted almost half a million fans on their social account.

It’s all very cute and the internet is loving the fashion-forward couple. Fans have commented that Bon and Pon are “the ultimate matching couple” and are the definition of “relationship goals”.

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Who says you can’t be over 60 and fashionable? You can follow their updates here and while you’re there, don’t forget to give @wyzaau a follow too!

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