Welcome to 2017, the year of excess and inspiration! With Jupiter blowing everything out of proportion, life certainly won’t be boring. These over-the-top stars want it all, but with Neptune obscuring the facts, don’t get carried away, especially on the financial front. On the flipside, these passionate patterns could work wonders after dark, not just for lovers, but for artists, musicians and comedians as well. Bring on the fun!


March 21 – April 20

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You can breathe easy, Aries. It’s been a tumultuous few years for most Rams, but calmer waters lie ahead. At the very least, you should feel more loved and appreciated as you settle into the new year. Just don’t spread yourself too thin: if you want to win hearts, make ‘quality not quantity’ your mantra. Finances may require some TLC through autumn, but Easter could bring lightbulb moment … and a new plan of attack. You’re a thrillseeker at heart, but chilled out pastimes such as yoga and swimming should help you to relax. As you slow down, an interest in healing or hypnosis might even emerge.

STAR TIP: Learn to meditate or look into alternative therapies


April 21 – May 21

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If you’ve turned into a worry-wart, 2017 should leave you in a happier place. It’s all about sharing this year, so look for ways to combine fitness with fun: team sports, group getaways… and that’s for starters. Home improvements may beckon through autumn, but don’t overdo it, for winter could bring a change of heart; some Bulls might even switch jobs or relocate. As always, music and dancing should hit the spot, but be warned, the social whirl might stretch your budget – and your waistline. To sidestep potential problems, count those drinks and stock your freezer with healthy, home-cooked meals.

STAR TIP: Feng shui your bedroom to attract more romance


May 22 – June 21

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You’re a pillar of strength, but don’t forget to nurture yourself. It’s all about expressing yourself this year, and tapping into that creative streak; as you slow down, a passion for painting or writing may emerge. Winter’s power-packed stars might propel a business or money-making enterprise into top gear, but don’t lose sight of the big picture: stay true to yourself and 2017 will mark a turning point. On the fitness front, a team pursuit might boost your heart rate and your social life, and as the weather cools, action-loving Mars might push you towards an adrenalin-fueled holiday. Look out world!

STAR TIP: Sign up for a few community classes or workshops


June 22 – July 23

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Cancerians are sentimental souls, but clearouts can be liberating. As items are released, new people and opportunities will enter your life. Autumn’s proactive patterns might prove lucrative, not just for you butfor a project close to your heart; those organisational skills can come in handy. You might even take on a manergerial role at work or within a local club. Shaping a new you should be easy under winter’s disciplined stars: diets or weight training could produce pleasing results, while spring’s chatty stars might propel you towards social sports or a fun walking group.

STAR TIP: If Saturn’s stiffened you up, try swimming or yoga


July 24 – August 23

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Hang onto your hats! Eclipses can feel unsettling, but shake-ups often propel us into action. February could bring a rethink, but by late autumn new strategies, financial structures or a family-friendly job, should get you back on track. Group pursuits should satisfy that social side as the weather cools, so grab some buddies or join a club. Faraway places might set the scene for romance, so whether single or attached, try to get away. But it’s not all about frivolous fun: your ability to mix work with play could prove profitable. As the lines between business and pleasure blur, your social circle will expand.

STAR TIP: Walking or adventure holidays should feel therapeutic


August 24 – September 23

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You may look cool, calm and collected, but people don’t see all the work behind the scenes. If you’ve taken on too much, Saturn could prompt a reappraisal: more help, less work or new routines at home. A cash bonus might boost the coffers, but resist the urge to overextend, for autumn’s reflective patterns could bring a change of heart. Fresh air should enthuse you this year, drawing you to outdoor activities – and outdoorsy people as well. Group pursuits will bring out your best from spring, and as Mercury sharpens your intellect, a study course might reel you in. As they say, use it or lose it.

STAR TIP: A club or community garden might set the scene for fun


September 24 – October 23

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So many choices! Decision-making is not your strong suit, but as Jupiter expands your options, that’s what you’ll need to do. Friends should prove wonderfully supportive, so don’t let them drift away; schedule regular catch-ups or suggest a group fitness kick. When Jupiter, the planet of abundance, slips into your cash zone from October, things could happen fast;a passion or creative pursuit might even become a money-spinner. Autumn’s energetic patterns should work wonders for your fitness, but phew, by winter’s end, chilled out holidays and soothing yoga classes might be more your style.

STAR TIP: Pastimes such as cooking, ceramics and gardening fit well


October 24 – November 22

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With so much going on, it’s no wonder you crave solitude … but just as importantly, you love connecting, and this year you’ll do plenty of that. Concerts and cultural events should leave you on a high this year, while couples might reconnect as they embrace a healthier lifestyle. That canny streak should surge through winter, so why not brush up your business skills or try your hand at buying and selling? If tiredness is holding you back, a simplified diet could make a huge difference. When Lady Luck Jupiter lights up your centre stage from October (for a year!), you’ll want to look and feel you best.

STAR TIP: Your talent for revamping or restoring items might amaze all


November 23 – December 22

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Don’t live with regrets! Saturn transits are never easy, but if the zodiac’s taskmaster teaches one lesson, it’s that you’re the architect of your own life. Research a long-held dream through January or revisit an idea that’s been sitting in the ‘too hard basket’; your unique talents shouldn’t be wasted. Autumn may be more 

hectic than expected, but stay on top of family health issues (basically, be a nag) and don’t scrimp on R&R. Winter should bring a welcome change of pace, thanks in part to a holiday or heath retreat, while spring’s reflective patterns could stir up an interest in spirituality or alternative therapies.

STAR TIP: Working up a sweat will help you to stay cool and calm


December 23 – January 20

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Balance is the keyword this year, not just money-wise, but on the health front too, so forget about fad diets and get-rich-quick schemes, and get back to the basics. You’ll be brimming over with ideas, but do your homework and don’t be lead astray. For early- to mid-January Goats, the winds of change will be blowing a gale, but as you shift into your next phase, your interests – and your circle of friends – will expand and grow. Winter’s sensual stars could cast a magical spell for romantics (foodies, plan a gourmet trip away!), but by spring, your community-minded side will be ready for action.

STAR TIP: Upgrading your computer skills should pay off quickly


January 21 – February 19

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Worrying about the future? February could bring a breakthrough, so kick back and relax. Autumn’s escapist stars are tailormade for outdoorsy activities and weekends away, but as Venus points you towards anything that looks or tastes good, don’t fall into bad habits. As that restless streak intensifies, some Aquarians may even consider a career- or sea-change, but try to slow down, for August could bring a change of heart. Leave serious decision-making for spring if you can, and focus on improving your health … detoxes, fitness kicks; by next summer, we might see a whole new you.

STAR TIP: May’s sensual sky might reignite romantic embers


February 20 – March 20

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All things in moderation, as they say. With Mars firing up that passionate streak, sticking to the middle ground won’t be easy. Budget blowouts could take the gloss off things as your inner spend-a-holic emerges, so sleep on any big decisions and play it safe on the financial front. Winter’s indulgent patterns might whip up a smorgasbord of sensual delights – good food and romance for starters – while spring’s extroverted stars should propel you into the wider world (or a new job). Long-term goals may chop and change, but by year’s end, your vision for the future should be crystal clear.

STAR TIP: Easter could bring a heart-warming reunion or holiday

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