Give your car a budget makeover with these 3 easy ideas.

Is your car starting to feel as old and tired? Are you tired of making excuses every time someone gets into your car, but not willing or ready to splurge on a new one?

Here are a few simple ways to give your car a makeover and help rev up its performance.

Declutter and spring clean

The quickest and easiest step is to get rid of all the “stuff” that may have accumulated in the car over time.

Take your vehicle to the carwash or clean it yourself at home. Pay special attention to cup holders because these are likely to be the dirtiest spots in your car. A good vacuuming may give your car’s interior a new lease on life. While a leather conditioner can also work wonders by replenishing the oils of seats. And a good wax can make your car shine like it did on the day you bought it.

To freshen up its smell, finish off the job by buying some subtle car scent or fragrant oil.

Boomer -life -car -seats -wyza -com -auCleaning your car can make a wonderful difference 

Revamping the interior

Consider getting your seat covers reupholstered if they are scratched, stained or torn. You could even upgrade them to a different or higher quality material, such as leather. If this isn’t an option, then consider replacing your old seat covers. New covers are easy to install and not that costly. Changing their colour or design could make a big difference to how your car looks and feels and could give it a ‘personality boost’.

New floor mats are another inexpensive way to spruce up the inside of your car. Go for a different colour this time or one that contrasts with other colours in the car for maximum impact.

A new steering wheel cover could also add style and give you a more comfortable grip on the wheel. Steering wheel covers come in a variety of shapes and styles, and are available in different materials such as wood, leather or high-tech plastics. Take your pick!

If you want to take the makeover even further, consider wood grain or other kinds of instrument panels and dash kits. There’s no reason why your car has to look the same as its ‘siblings’ that came off the factory line. Why not also add some colourful seat cushions or other eye-catching objects that will entertain your friends, get conversations started or engage the grandchildren on long drive?

You can also enhance the sound quality of your car's audio by replacing it with a new high-tech system or upgrading certain components, such as the old speakers, or by adding amplifiers and woofers.

If your vehicle is a few years old, you may want to consider modernising with new mobile electronics. Bluetooth integration, navigation systems, video monitors and DVD players can all be installed in just about any car regardless of its age.

Boomer -life -colour -wyza -com -auSelecting a different colour for your car is a fun way to make it 'new' again

Accessorising the exterior of your car

A host of accessories are available which could help boost the outside appearance of your vehicle and improve its performance. For example, aerodynamic spoilers, such as those fitted to race and high-performance sports cars, will reduce your car’s drag and increase its fuel efficiency. And body kits, which include front and rear bumpers, side skirts and front and rear side guards, come in a range of materials and will help you modify the look of your car.

On a more sober note, new headlights can also change your car’s look. So too will placing sun films on the windshields or side windows or investing in tinted windows. At the same time, these will eliminate annoying ultraviolet rays and blinding sunlight, making driving your car safer.

A custom made license plate could also help you add a special touch to your vehicle and new tyres will not only update its look, but will also give it extra traction, no matter what the weather or driving conditions.

Is your car full of scratches? Then a new coat of paint may give it a new lease on life while changing its colour entirely may make it really feel like a different or new car. Or, if you really want to stand out then why not give your car a custom paint job? A good operator will be able to take your idea and turn your car into a work of art.

And don’t forget what’s under the bonnet. Your local mechanic is likely to have lots of suggestions on how to give your car some extra oomph.

Boomer -life -3-ways -wyza -com -auIt's always a joy to revamp your ride 

Happy motoring

Giving your car a thorough makeover will not only help you enjoy it more and improve its performance and safety, it will also help it retain its value. At the same, however, it is vital to ensure your car is adequately insured to prevent you from being left out of pocket if something goes wrong. 

What are your biggest concerns when it comes to your car? Join the conversation below.