Passengers were less than impressed on their final 90-minute slog of the 22 hour long flight from London to Sydney.

As many were looking forward to a hot breakfast, they were greeted with a sad little sandwich.

This could soon be the new norm in economy long-haul flights.

However, an aviation analyst has explained that as long-haul flights become the norm, hot breakfasts in economy could be a thing of the past.

“It could be the end of the hot breakfast in economy,” one aviation analyst told

It seems like airlines could be following in the footsteps of the German giant airline Lufthansa, who let it slip that they were ditching their second hot meal on all flights of more than 10 hours in length.

However, the airline didn’t put out a press release on the matter but it was picked up by airline blogs.

“Over the past few months, we have carried out over 80 flights with various test scenarios. Thus, it was possible for us to establish a modern service according to current customer wishes thanks to feedback from our customers,” Lufthansa’s Asia-Pacific Head of Communications Klaus Pokorny told

“Many customers like the possibility of either enjoying this second meal immediately or packing it for the rest of their journey,” Pokorny explained.

However, Qantas has insisted that they’re not following suit, although an aviation expert warns that others airlines might be tempted to follow the trend.

“The price point for most people is the economy fare and so we now have these low fares airlines that aren’t actually low cost airlines,” the aviation consultant explained.

“People will buy bundles off a base fare, like having a hot breakfast, and the airlines will end up with more revenue.

“It’s the way of the future. It could be the end of the (included) hot breakfast in economy.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.