To take some of the guesswork and speculation out of figuring which of the items gathering dust in your closet are worth hawking, we’ve created a simple list of junk items that are now worth a lot of money.

1. DollhousesDepending on the make, model and condition, that dollhouse from your youth might be worth a lot of money, especially if it’s a rare collector’s piece

2. Record playersVinyl has made quite a resurgence in recent years, and went it comes to record players collectors are willing to pay top dollar for the real deal, especially if it’s in good nick.

3. Hard-sided suitcasesHard-sided suitcases might be relics of a bygone era of travel, but if they’re in good condition and part of a set they can fetch a reasonable price online when reselling.

4. Typewriters The clickity-clack of vintage typewriter keys is a sound you won’t hear in many offices these days, but typewriters in good nick are having a new life as a collector’s piece.

5. Rocking chairs You won’t find them in Ikea, but rocking chairs are still just as comfortable to sit in as you remember and if your one is in good condition you should be able to get a decent price.

6. Vintage quilts – They just don’t make quilts like they used to. Vintage quilts have become sought-after design pieces, so you should be able to fetch a decent price if you’ve got the right one.

7. TrunksWhile they might have fallen out of favour as storage pieces, a uniquely designed trunk in good condition can still find a decent price as a collector’s items.

8. CamerasThey might not be able to take as many photos as the latest SLR, but vintage cameras will generally sell for a good price, especially if they’re still in good condition.

9. First edition booksThis depends largely on the title (and again the condition you’ve been able to keep it in), but decent first edition books can sell for quite a bit of money as collector’s pieces.

10. JewelleryWhile you might find it hard to part with old pieces of jewellery, they might also be worth quite a bit of money if you can find the right buyer.

Do you have any of these items? Have you ever sold anything?

Article created in partnership with Over60.