“We struck the lottery,” says Frank Humphries about his Bridges personal financial advisor John Corkhill. This senior advisor at Bridges Financial Services specialises in investments, superannuation and retirement planning and also calls Kay and Frank Humphries amongst his favourite people.

“Financial planning is all about helping people and getting satisfaction from helping clients make their financial goals. When I see clients like Frank and Kay have full trust in me and they don’t worry about their finances ... that gives me a lot of job satisfaction,” says John, who has significantly helped Frank and Kay Humphries with their investments and retirement income.

John has managed to help this happy retired couple with their financial goals by consolidating their superannuation accounts, reducing their financial fees and helping them get increased benefits from the Centrelink aged pension. Frank has some shares in his name and was not aware he could claim cash refunds from the ATO. Now, thanks to John, he is receiving all of his refunds.

"We get a payment every month plus our pension which helps us. We don’t need to worry at all. We just cruise along,” says Frank. “At our time of life it is lovely not to worry - just enjoy every day. Thanks John!" says Kay.