David Koch has slammed scammers for using his image to trick Australians into spending their hard-earned cash during a pandemic.

He vented while speaking to NSW Police Detective Chief Inspector Gordon Arbinja about a spike in fake celebrity endorsement scams.

“This is the bane of my life, these scam ads,” the Channel Seven breakfast TV star said.

“It just infuriates me to be used in these scams, so really watch out for them,” he told viewers.

In the first three months of 2021 alone, 423 people in NSW reported a fake endorsement scam, including a man who lost $102,000 of his savings after seeing a Facebook ad that was said to be endorsed by Kochie.

“What’s happening is there is a lot of celebrity endorsement going on, coupled with the promise of rich financial rewards,” he explained.

“At the beginning, they were quite amateur, but now they’re getting more sophisticated,” Arbinja said of the scams.

Potential bitcoin investors are urged to “do their research” and only use legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges that are registered with AUSTRAC.

Hero image: 7NEWS

This article originally appeared on Over60.