A mum who made her 18-year-old daughter sign a $100-per-month lease in order to continue living at home has sparked a furious debate online.

In a TikTok, she opened up about the financial agreement with the teenager, her daughter Jada who recently turned 18. She made her sign a legal lease agreement and then went on to post it with the caption “when your 18-year-old decides to stay at home”.

The unnamed woman’s video then cuts to her daughter signing the legal agreement with the caption “setting [her] up for success.”

Her clip sparked some outage, racking up more than 1.5 million views, as well as thousands of likes and comments – with many users left divided over whether the mom was treating her daughter fairly.


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After receiving many hate comments, Jada’s mum took to TikTok to post a response video where she attempted to explain to her over 24,000 followers why she made her daughter sign a lease.

“I was a single mom at 16 and my parents didn’t set me up for success, I had to fight for every single thing I have,” said the Oklahoma woman.

She went on to add that she doesn’t want her children to depend on her for anything and everything she does “prepares” her children for the “real world”.

The mom-of-six added that in the area of Oklahoma they are from, renters must have proof of rental history when they are preparing to rent or buy a home, she added that she made the legal lease agreement so her daughter would have a rental history.

She stated that the $100 Jada pays her mom every month goes towards “utilities, room, food and everything else.”

The mother, who made all of her other children sign a lease, emphasized that she was setting up her daughter for success and while Jada has the right to move out, in this economy it would be a lot harder if she did.

Image: TikTok

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