As retirement approaches for some, and continues on for others, there are steps to maintain a happy lifestyle, so your retirement does not have to be a chore.

A healthy approach to mental and physical ageing

Being physically healthy is not the only wellbeing factor you should be worrying about. As you get older, reflecting on your mental health as you age is key to maintaining a happy retirement. What can you do each day to nourish your mental health? What can you learn?

Putting time aside for yourself in retirement may seem easy, but as each day dredges on, people find themselves helping others more than themselves.

Although your physical health is key to maintaining a happy post-work life, focussing on your mental ageing each day is just as important.

Nurturing family and personal relationships

Research suggests those in satisfying personal relationships tend to have fewer illnesses and better mental health than those without. The people close to us in life play a large role in defining our character and ability to strive further.

Add to the best years of your life with people who make your days better by your side.

Maintaining ‘financial comfort’

Many retirees already feel happy with their financial security. However, a successful retirement has no price tag. Manage your retirement in a satisfying and fulfilling way by expelling the financial resources you have in a healthy way. What’s your weekly budget? Do you have a ‘lifestyle budget’ to plan for the fun activities to do in your retirement?

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This article was written in partnership with Over60.