An everyday household item can be used to prevent tap-and-go payment thieves.

Security experts have long warned about the dangers of wireless wallet skimming.

Although you can purchase expensive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-blocking wallets and purses to prevent scammers, there’s a very simple solution using a cheap household item.

A layer of aluminium foil works just as well as custom-made security accessories, Mark Roberti, editor of RFID Journal, revealed.

Everyday household item, aluminium foil, can be used to prevent opportunist tap-and-go payment thieves 

A disturbing video posted on social media recently shows just how easy it is to be scammed without the victim even realising.

Filmed at a store where an unsuspecting male customer is looking at magazines on a shelf, a staff member with an EFTPOS tap-and-go payment machine goes unnoticed as he scans the customer's wallet in the back pocket of his pants. The transaction is immediately approved with the customer none the wiser.

“Watch me, the victim doesn't know what I'm going to do,” the store employee explains in the video.

“I've just tapped his a**, who's got a PayPass in his pocket and the transaction is approved. So be careful.”

To avoid being scammed, Finder advises people keep their bank cards in sight at all times, check their bank card statements regularly and report any suspicious activity to their card provider and the police.

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