The benefit of life insurance is that it provides a lump sum payment that can assist your loved ones if you pass away, but for too long the trade-off has been expensive premiums. can help make affordable life insurance a reality for Australians, allowing them to compare policies from 10 leading insurers. Not only can you discover cheaper policies, our advisers can also help if you have previously been denied cover due to pre-existing health conditions.

Our service is a powerful tool that links Australian customers with no knowledge of the life insurance industry with fully underwritten cover at a price that they may be more easily able to afford. Read on to see an example of how we help our customers save.


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Step 2: Once you answer a few questions, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from up to 10 of Australia’s largest insurers. You may also be entitled to a free consultation.

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One of our customers had been paying for three separate life insurance policies that were costing him over $10,000 a year. With the help of our in-house advisers he was able to switch to one policy that gave him more comprehensive cover and saved him $4,000 a year.

We later helped him with his Income Protection Insurance claim, which helped him to support his family while he was unable to work.

That’s just one example of the ways in which we can help Australians get value-for-money life insurance. All our policies are fully underwritten at the time of purchase. This process helps to ensure that our customers are less likely to purchase a policy that could be denied due to a pre-existing medical condition.

Rather than the stress of this process happening at the time of claim (a time that is already traumatic for the policy holder’s family), it is done at the time of purchase. This significantly increases the likelihood of the claim being paid out.

Our in-house advisers help to ensure our customer service experience is second to none. Over the years we’ve forged strong partnerships with our panel of insurers, meaning that our advisers can negotiate for better deals and receive faster service.

If you’d like to review your options for affordable life insurance, you can continue below or give us a call us 1300 904 624, 9am to 6pm Monday-Friday. From there we will get to work, bringing you the best available quotes from our panel of insurers. See what you could save today.


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Alt Media Life Insurance Comparison _WYZA_MAP_880's online quote comparison tool makes it easy to get quotes from 10 of Australia's biggest life insurers. 

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