A woman from the US has won her third lottery in five years, and while she has some tips and tricks up her sleeve, she insists her victories are still down to the luck of the draw.

The 30-year-old stay-at-home mum recently won $100,000 off a lucky scratch ticket, according to Maryland Lottery officials.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw how much I’d won,” she told lottery officials, “I immediately called my husband and said, ‘We did it again.’”

When asked by the lottery officials how she had managed to win for the third time, she said she had done her research.

“We figure out which scratch-off games have been on sale for a long time but still have a lot of big-money prizes,” she said.

The information that helped her win is available on the Maryland Lottery website. The $100,000 Lucky game, for example, debuted last September and still has more than 40 top prizes available.

Still, the woman said there’s an element of luck, especially when it comes to choosing where to buy the ticket.

She picked a certain convenience store in her town based on sheer intuition.

“I knew that they sold a big-ticket a few weeks ago,” she said. “I hoped that there was still some luck hanging around there.”

As for the prize money, the lucky woman says she’s putting it all in the bank for her children.

Despite her repeated wins, she’s still in shock, saying, “This is as crazy as it was the other times. It’s unbelievable.”

Image credits: Getty Images

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