Andrew Bolt has unleashed a scathing tirade against former Prime Minister Scott Morrison for secretly appointing himself to five ministries during his time as PM.

The Sky News host said Morrison has “embarrassed” the Liberal party and should “just go” from the government all together.

The fired-up conservative commentator also blasted new Liberal leader Peter Dutton for defending Mr Morrison, saying it amounted to a “double disaster”.

In an almost 10 minute long monologue, Bolt slammed Morrison and his apology.

“Former prime minister Scott Morrison has embarrassed, even devastated his party and today the scandal got even more bizarre,” Bolt said.

“He’s finished, quit parliament now, just go.”

Bolt said Mr Dutton made “exactly the wrong call” when he defended Morrison and should have “cut him loose”.

He was furious Mr Morrison had gone on 2GB radio on Tuesday to “defend his crazy decision” to make himself the second Minister for Health, Resources and Finance and was asked “was that all, just those three?”

Mr Morrison denied there were any more roles, but shortly after it emerged that he had also appointed himself as the second Treasurer and Home Affairs Minister.

“What a shocking memory. Morrison had somehow forgotten being secretly sworn in by the Governor-General as minister of not just one more ministry, but two,” Bolt said.

“It seems that Morrison got a real taste of power when he became the other Health Minister, and over the next 14 months got hungrier and hungrier.”

Despite Bolt’s take on Scott Morrison’s wrongdoings, the former PM was defended by former Liberal prime minister, John Howard, who led the country from 1996 to 2007, who said he should not resign from parliament over the scandal.

“I don’t think it’s something that is so reeking with principle as to require an unwanted, expensive, unnecessary by-election,” Mr Howard said on ABC’s 7.30.

“There are reasons why he did it. And part of the conservative tradition is to always understand the context.”

When quizzed for said context, Mr Morrison issued a lengthy explanation on why he secretly appointed himself to these ministries during his time as PM, saying he made the unprecedented decision partly because he feared that ministers at any moment could be struck down with Covid.

Image credits: Getty Images / Sky News

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