Catherine Andrews, wife of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, has spoken out after footage emerged from a protest in Melbourne featuring people making violent threats towards her husband.

On Tuesday, roughly 1000 protestors gathered outside Victorian parliament, with some threatening to take over the building and others chasing journalists. In a video posted to Twitter, one woman with a megaphone was heard saying, “I look forward to the day I get to see you dance on the end of a rope”, which was believed to be directed at the premier. A man with a megaphone yelled about taking over parliament, shouting, “If those police allow us to go through those doors and take over parliament, we will. We will lead the state to freedom.”

Tuesday’s protest follows an earlier one on Monday evening where protestors jeered when an inflatable replica of Andrews was placed next to makeshift gallows on the steps of parliament.

The protests were part of a series of rallies organised against vaccine mandates and pandemic legislation that is currently before the Victorian parliament. Just last week, Andrews was forced to abandon a press conference in Bendigo because of police concerns about protestors’ behaviour.

Cath Andrews spoke about the chaos for the first time, taking to Twitter to thank people for their support. She wrote, “We have received so many beautiful messages today from all over. Thank you. We are reminded that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it. As ever #IStandWithDan #GoHigh”.

The wife of deputy premier James Merlino, Meagan Porch, also spoke out about the violent threats and imagery, describing them as “so far over the line”. “If that was about my husband, James Merlino, I’d be calling the police to put a stop to it,” she wrote.

“In what world is it okay for Cath and the kids to have to stand by and watch this as if everything is okay? This is so far over the line it’s ridiculous.”

This article first appeared on Over60.