Australia has broken its own personal records, by having its anthem played four times on repeat in a single day.

Sunday will be known as the most successful day for the Australian Olympic team, with two gold medals coming from the pool, one in BMX freestyle and another in sailing – it’s no surprise the country cannot tear their eyes from the TV.

Day 9 also shone light on an incredibly humble Aussie who has already taken seven medals at the Tokyo 2020 swim meet, Emma McKeon.

The 27-year-old has clearly taken her undeniable success in stride, telling reports her monumental medal haul feels “very surreal”.

“I only hear from you guys [the media] those kind of stats. I look at the athletes that have come before me. I’ve been so impressed by what they’ve done, so inspired.

“But I’ve never really been into the stats of the medal counts. But to be in that kind of company, it’s an honour. I know that I’ve worked hard for it.”

McKeon’s four golds and three bronze medals in Tokyo have made her the most decorated Australian athlete at a single Olympics.

Only one other woman in history has won seven medals at the one Olympics – Soviet gymnast Maria Gorokhovskaya in 1952.

Just two men – American swimmer Michael Phelps and Soviet gymnast Alexander Dityatin – have won eight.

In total, McKeon has swum in seven finals, three semi-finals and three heats.

In every event she has entered, the Wollongong-born swimmer walked away with a medal, four of them gold.

“I don’t know how she does it,” said teammate Kyle Chalmers on Sunday.

“I’m physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted … She does it day in, day out. to win seven medals just sounds out of this world, in one Games. To win one gold medal, or win one Olympic medal is an incredible achievement.

“To win seven is very, very special.”

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