Former Australian of the Year Grace Tame has been hospitalised after being involved in a bike accident on Thursday.

The 26-year-old was left with a broken collarbone and a nasty graze on her arm, ensuring her followers she is “on the mend” in a post to her Instagram story.

Despite her injuries, Grace was all smiles in the pic, sharing that she had to spend some time in hospital after the accident.

“Bike stack, broken collarbone, thankyou for understanding that we may take a while to respond,” the story read.

“Out of hospital now and on the mend.”

The news of Grace’s injuries comes just days before she is expected to address the National Press Club next week, alongside Brittany Higgins.

On Wednesday, Ms Tame broke her silence about her frosty meeting with Scott Morriosn at The Lodge on Australia Day.

The photos of Grace, who stood unsmiling next to the PM, have since gone viral, with many saying her refusal to smile was “immature”.

One week on from the awkward reception, Grace took to Twitter to defend her actions.

She wrote, “The survival of abuse culture is dependent on submissive smiles and self-defeating surrenders. It is dependent on hypocrisy.”

“What I did wasn’t an act of martyrdom in the gender culture war. It’s true that many women are sick of being told to smile, often by men, for the benefit of men. But it’s not just women who are conditioned to smile and conform to the visibly rotting status-quo. It’s all of us.”

Image credits: Instagram @tamepunk

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